A Beautiful Review

I’ve really enjoyed working on a few custom pieces lately. I am always so inspired by what people ask me to create, and it helps me think outside of my own box a little bit :) One of my customers wrote me a beautiful note recently. I was not only thrilled that she loved her Yellow Elm headband, but I was also completely inspired by her words:

It’s such a wonderful reminder that beauty is not about looking great for other people—it’s important to look and feel good for yourself and your overall well-being. Not in a snotty or selfish way, but to be confident about who you are. Sometimes spending the extra second to throw on some lipstick before you dash out the door is just what you need to make the day brighter. And it’s not about wearing the most trendy or most expensive outfit, but wearing what fits your personality and makes you feel your best.

I love that I got to play a small part in helping a friend feel beautiful and reach personal goals!

Now that we are all feeling inspired and cheery on a Monday morning…here’s a special little treat—I have a few pieces on sale in the etsy shop. Each piece is hand-felted from wool using an ancient wet felting process, with special details added in, like beads, flowers, and shells. This is your chance to snatch something handmade for a bit of a steal! ;) Here are some of my spring favorites from the sale:

If you’d like a custom piece that you design based on other Yellow Elm pieces you’ve seen, free to email me about it! yell@yellowelm.com; to see photos of custom pieces I’ve done, visit the custom orders album on facebook.

Hope your week is off to a great start! xx

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