Vintage Halfway Twist

Here’s a great easy way to throw a little vintage twist on the familiar halfway-up style…

I started with some hot curlers (not pictured) and then put my favorite Osis Dust-It powder in to help with pouf!

Pull the top middle section up and tease at the crown of your head

Next, give it a twist, and secure it just below the crown of your head with some bobby pins

Nice and high :)

Repeat the “tease-twist-secure with bobby pins” routine for the sections on either side of your head. You’ll have 3 sections total, but you can break it down further if you want to make more twists.

You’ll want to smooth it all down with a soft bristle brush, and you may need to analyze the “pouf” and tug it in places, maybe adding in an extra bobby pin or two, so that it looks round and even, not lumpy. (This could just be my hair-OCD speaking, in which case you can ignore that.)

Add in some extra curl with a curling iron if you wish

Sophisticated with a little bit of 1940s flavor

I added in a Wild Meadow Leaf pin from my spring collection :)

Happy Friday! Come tonight to the spring show at my studio and you’ll see this hair style in person. xx

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