Side Loop

Today I bring you a super easy style that will put a little asymmetrical flair in your day, which is always fun, right? :)

Start by pulling your hair into a side ponytail. Add a few bobby pins if needed.

Now wrap it into a messy bun. This can be in the same step as the ponytail, using the same hair band, or a different step, depending on how thick your hair is.

Now loosen it a little bit.

Make a little “hole” in the center above your messy bun.

And flip your messy bun up and tuck it through the hole.

I love styles that more complicated than they really are, don’t you?

Happy weekend!!!! I have a busy one in store. We are participating in Hands on Greenville Day, a community work day. We’ll be joining a group from Ben’s work painting a nursing home.¬†And then on Sunday I’ll be going to help a local photographer with a bridal shoot, so that should be really exciting.

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  1. That is so pretty! My hair is almost long enough to start doing cute things with it!

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