Puppy Love


Last Saturday we brought home a bundle of joy in the shape of a seven-month-old puppy.





Since then we’ve had late night walks and early morning potty breaks; we’ve cleaned up puppy potty messes in the house (oops!) and spent some money at Petco.

We signed up for puppy obedience school.

We’ve made friends with other dogs.

We have navigated lots of new territory—especially me, having only ever had a fish for a pet. I have so much to learn.

But now I have so much more to love, and it’s been pretty fun.




Welcome to our family, Kai.


Friends are Forever

When I was a senior in college a few of my friends and I started a book club. We met at a coffee shop, brought along crafts like knitting (for those who can knit…sadly not me!) and talked. We ended up never finishing the book but kept meeting for “coffee and craft night.” It was the perfect, relaxing way to end a long day of classes and studying. Always something to look forward to.

I’m happy to say the tradition has continued. Those of us girls who still live in town get together for what we now call “girls night.” We’ve changed a bit since college…some of us are married and one of my friends has a sweet baby boy (we make an exception to the “girls only” rule for him!) but there is still nothing better than getting together and chatting. We might be talking about a favorite new blog or a good movie, or discussing food, travel, education, or an important global issue…no matter what it is we always have a good time sharing opinions, sharing food, and sharing life.

We recently decided to bring it full circle and read a book together again. And we are going to make an effort to get together more often just to discover new places in our town and celebrate friendship. We’ve had some new friends join in on the fun, and we hope to continue Girls Night for years to come.

No matter where our lives may lead or what the future holds for each of us, Girls Night will always be one of my favorite things about home.

american wasteland

on a busy street it stands. overgrown, boarded up, with shattered windows. and yet inside it’s as if it only closed yesterday: ketchup and mustard still sit at each place, and huge jars of pickles are waiting to be cut up and served with the next burger. what happened here? are they planning to come back…mow the lawn, clean up the glass, open the doors, and serve up some fries again?

it made me wonder…how many times is this repeated on busy streets all over america?

p.s. I picked up my red peep-toe shoes at a vintage shop in raleigh. love them!

life without television?

I saw this graffiti on an old neglected factory while driving through an industrial section of our town. who would write that? and why there? I am completely intrigued… I took my own interpretation of it, and decided my life without television would include a lot more reading!

what would you do?